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Free EV Chargers for businesses, landowners and local authorities seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? We are pleased to say it is not. In challenging financial times this is an amazing offer to provide charging for staff and the public. City Electrical Factors and EV manufacturer Rolec have partnered with WattIf investment fund to offer free EV chargers to commercial clients as part of a shared revenue scheme. £50 million of funding has been raised in the UK with a further £150 million due in April. City Electrical Factors Glasgow have nominated PWS as trusted installers to conduct instals on their behalf.

Clients can have 100% of the installation costs covered including labour, materials, connection fees and maintenance. Wattif share the revenue as they are using your land, typically 80/20. This can be made 50/50 if initial installation costs are shared.

This is a fantastic offer to businesses in good locations for EV users to visit and a substantial 100% saving on the investment of chargers. The process works by PWS submitting location info to Wattif and they conduct a feasibility study to assess if their investment is viable.


  • 3 funding options
  • Up to 100% free installation
  • Stress free turnkey solution
  • 20% – 50% client revenue generation options
  • Increased footfall to your business premises while
  • EV owners charge their vehicles
  • Custom branding of chargers for business advertising.
  • All maintenance is covered, no hidden costs
  • Upgrades to electrical supplies and groundworks fully included.


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