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Free EV Charger Installation

Make Your Commercial Space Electric Vehicle Friendly

Make it easier for your employees and customers to charge their electric vehicles and bring more potential customers to your doorstep. PWS Renewables offers electrical services in Glasgow with the goal of helping eligible owners with a free EV charger installation. 

Free EV chargers for businesses, landowners, and local authorities seem too good to be true, doesn’t it? We are pleased to say it is not. In challenging financial times, this is an amazing offer to provide a charging point for staff and the public. 

What Are Commercial EV Chargers?

Commercial charging points are efficient plug-in points that are used to charge electric cars. They are usually installed in large parking spaces, where potential customers or employees will leave their vehicles for a few hours while they shop or work. This makes them a convenient space to install a charger and gain passive profits.

Whether your customers want to make a quick 30-minute stop or your staff want to fully charge their electric car over an entire shift, a charger in your commercial spaces can make a world of a difference.

Who Can Benefit From Commercial EV Chargers?

There are many different kinds of businesses that can benefit from an EV charger, these include: 

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Shopping centres

  • Gyms

  • Large housing facilities

  • Entertainment venues

  • Preventive care spaces

Having a charger in your location shows your customers that you are invested in providing them with the best commercial experience and that you are dedicated to maintaining an environmentally friendly operation. 

With an on-site charging station, your staff won’t have to stop at EV-suitable motorway service stations on the way to work to refuel, saving commute time as an added benefit.


If you’re the owner of a commercial space, a landlord, or a local authority, it’s a good time to offer your customers and staff a place to charge up. There are multiple great benefits to setting up free electric vehicle chargers on commercial premises. These include:

  • 3 funding options: Get an electric vehicle charger installation at a funding agreement that suits you.

  • Up to 100% free installation: Enjoy the benefits of EV charging without the need for a large initial investment.

  • Stress-free turnkey solution: You won’t need to worry about anything, let the experts take care of installation and maintenance.

  • Environmentally friendly: Demonstrate your commitment to ensuring a greener planet.

  • 20% – 50% client revenue generation options: Earn up to 50% of the revenue, depending on your chosen funding option.

  • Increased footfall to your business premises: Gain more interest in your company while EV owners charge their vehicles.

  • Custom branding: Personalise electric car chargers for business advertising.

  • No hidden costs: All EV charger maintenance is covered with your free electric car charger installation.

  • Free upgrades: All upgrades to electrical supplies and groundworks are fully included.

Ready to get your charger up and running with zero installation costs?


City Electrical Factors and EV manufacturer Rolec have partnered with WattIf investment fund to offer free electric vehicle chargers to commercial clients as part of a shared revenue scheme. £50 million of funding has been raised in the UK, with a further £150 million due in April. City Electrical Factors Glasgow has nominated PWS as a trusted commercial EV charger installer in Glasgow to conduct electric car charger installation for free on their behalf. 

The process works by PWS submitting location info to Wattif, and they conduct a feasibility study to assess if their investment is viable. Clients can have 100% of the installation costs covered, including labour, materials, connection fees, and maintenance. Wattif shares the revenue as they are using your land, typically 80/20. This can be made 50/50 if the initial costs of turnkey EV charger installation for landowners, commercial businesses, and local authorities are shared.

This is a fantastic offer to businesses in good locations for users with electric cars to visit, with a substantial 100% saving on the investment of electric car chargers. 

FAQs About Installing An EV Charger

Have a few questions about installing commercial EV chargers in Glasgow? Take a look at our frequently asked questions below.

Installing an electric vehicle chargepoint depends on how many points are needed for your building. In general, installing a charger for electric vehicles will take around 1 day per charger. Get in touch with our EV professionals. We’ll take a look at the layout of your property for a more accurate estimate of the timeline.

If you’re worried that your business won’t have the time or money to maintain your free charger for an electric car, there are multiple maintenance packages to choose from. Our clients can have 100% of all maintenance covered with a fully funded free charger for an electric car. 

With the full ownership package, you cover the hardware and installation costs, but maintenance will still be included. If you opt for a joint venture, hardware and installation costs are shared while maintenance is still taken care of for you. For charging as a service, there will be a fixed monthly cost for chargepoint maintenance. Speak to one of our team members for more information.

Are you worried that your commercial space won’t have enough power to charge electric cars? The electricity required to charge electric vehicles depends on the kind of charger you will have installed and the circuit. For example, 4 x 22kW three phase charge points require an 88kW supply that could potentially overload the on site electricity supply and load management can be setup on the chargers or apply to have the site electricity supply upgraded. If the supply is to be upgraded WattIf cover the cost as part of the package.

As of June 2023, according to Building (Scotland) Regulations, if you have a new building or an existing building undertaking large renovations, you will legally have to install EV charger points for your commercial space. The new law dictates that at least one in every ten parking spaces must have access to an EV charger, if you have more than ten parking spaces, that is.

Yes, it is still possible to get an EV charge point grant! Our electric company in Glasgow is registered with the OZEV home charge scheme and workplace charging scheme, so we are able to provide an EV charge point grant for eligible customers who make an application. If you are unfortunately not eligible to receive a grant for a free home EV charger, we do have a wide range of EV chargers, among which you’ll find the perfect home EV charger.

We are happy to install your new charge point with our innovative partnership with Wattif. However, there are other government grants available if you are searching for a different kind of package. 

The general eligibility rules for workplaces wishing to receive a grant are that they must own the property (or have the landlord’s written permission to install a free electric vehicle charger) and prove that the parking is for staff use and not customers. This may put your company at a disadvantage if your intent is to offer charging for your clients.

For the EV chargepoint grant, you might be eligible if you are a business with fleet car parks. Landlords with a parking lot as part of the building can also be eligible for a government grant. 

Additionally, the workplace charging grant for electric cars is available to some businesses, public organisations and charities and will cover up to 75% of the total costs (with the highest value being £350 per socket with a 40-socket maximum). 

PWS Renewables: Renewable Energy Solutions in Glasgow

PWS Renewables have been offering trusted electrical services in Glasgow since 2013. We have a well-known reputation for our high-quality installations and efficient processes and are dedicated to offering a profitable and seamless experience with the free installation of your EV charger. 

Since 2019, we’ve completed more than 600 EV installations. With a wide range of chargepoint packages and maintenance options available, we are excited to fit your commercial space with the future of technology.

As an OZEV-approved EV installer, our company takes pride in being on time, helping you save costs, and offering expert advice throughout the entire process. In addition to our free EV charging installation services, we also offer solar products, LED lighting, wiring solutions, and more. 

No matter your electrical or renewable needs, big or small, PWS is ready to take on the job.

Ready for the convenience of an electric car charging point in your commercial space? Call us today on 07793 540885 for more information about a free EV charger installation.


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