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Choosing the right product for you can be a real minefield, let us guide you through our preferred brands. PWS install products from GivEnergy, MyEnergi, SolarEdge and Tesla that have different performance and features within apps that appeal to different end users. We only install quality products with long warranties and UK based support. At the beginning of our solar journey, we used various other brands and discovered their support was offered via WhatsApp on Google translate from China, not good when you need help.

Pictures and videos of completed solar installations are available on our projects page and our YouTube channel.


Older panels were a blue colour and the silver outline of the cells would be visible from street level. Modern mono-crystalline panels are like a black mirror and much more aesthetically pleasing on your roof.

Panels have also increased in power, and we frequently install 400-440W panels from Jinko Solar, Eurener and Trina. The panels weigh around 20kG each, with efficiencies up to 22%. A typical system of 10 panels with rails weighs about 220kG, about the weight of 2 Scottish electricians on your roof, so don’t fear about the added weight! Jinko panels have a 25-year product warranty, 30-year linear power warranty with 0.40% annual degradation. This means the panel is expected to perform at 87.4% after 30 years.


An optimiser is a small device installed below each solar panel to maximise the energy output from each panel and gain the most amount of energy possible from your system. What many don’t realise is that solar panels are only good as the weakest link, if you have 10 panels and 9 x 400W panels are in lovely uninterrupted sunlight but one panel is covered in shade and performing at 100W, they all drop to 100W. Optimisers remove this design issue. Panels work individually to maximise the yield and minimise effects from panels degrading at different rates, shadowing, soiling and leaves. Smartphone apps display optimiser data to be analysed, for example, if one panel is underperforming compared to the others it may need to be cleaned. Solar Edges market leading design has arc fault detection; if water enters a terminal, it will shut down to save itself and send you a message. This also allows for easy troubleshooting, imagine you had 16 panels and there was a fault with no indication of where it was. Third party optimisers made by Tigo are compatible with all other solar brands to offer a solution similar to Solar Edge. It is estimated with optimisers that the energy yield is 25% more than a system without, we recommend to include them if budget allows as they will pay for themselves.


Manufacturers recommend that their equipment is installed on a non-combustible surface. Brick walls are a non-combustible surface but not a good backdrop for your expensive new solar system. Here at PWS we like to go the extra mile to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish including pink fire rated board trimmed with white edge protection. In addition, we will provide a fire alarm near the system for your protection.


Birds love nesting below solar panels, it gives them shelter and a protected nest. Unfortunately, they also damage wires and soil the panels. To prevent this, we install bird deterrent mesh as standard, we will not install a system without it. Fitting it during initial installation costs much less than later as it saves the cost of another scaffold hire for roof access.


  • 12 year warranty on all products
  • Packed with features for less cost than competitors
  • Available in 3.68kW and 5kW hybrid inverter sizes
  • Batteries from 2.6kWh to 9.5kWh
  • Integration with Octopus – real time spending/income visible on GivEnergy App
  • Batteries can charge and discharge at 3.6kW (dependant on inverter)
  • Can be optimised by Tigo for maximum energy gains
  • All In One AC coupled 13.5kWh battery has emergency power supply option


  • MyEnergi Ecosystem integrates all your MyEnergi devices
  • Prioritise stored electricity to power your home, Eddi hot water diverter or Zappi EV Charger
  • A simple swipe on the app sets priorities for where your surplus energy is sent
  • Available in 3.68kW and 5kW inverter sizes
  • Battery with 5.12kWh capacity – up to 4 per inverter for 20.48kWh of storage
  • Batteries can easily be added in future due to modular design
  • Batteries can charge at 4.6kW an discharge at 5kW (5kW inverter with 2-4 batteries)
  • Optional blackout back up
  • Can work in an AC coupled or DC coupled formats
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Can be optimised by Tigo for maximum energy gains
  • 5 year warranty on inverter and controller and 10 years for the battery


  • Batteries, inverters optimisers and software all made by Solar Edge for seamless operation
  • Optimiser data is visible on the app for panel level performance monitoring
  • Safe DC module-level voltage shutdown to 1V per panel for installer and firefighter safety
  • Arc fault detection to detect water entering connections with automatic shut down
  • High voltage battery with usable capacity of 9.7kWh
  • Home battery can charge and discharge at 5kW
  • Up to 3 batteries per inverter
  • 10 year warranty on batteries and 25 years on optimisers
  • 12 year inverter warranty extendable to 25 years


  • The most recognised product on the market
    13.5kWh usable capacity
  • Powerwall 2 works with it’s own AC coupled inverter separate from your PV systems inverter
  • 90% round trip efficiency
  • Battery can charge and discharge at 5kW
  • Tesla Gateway is the brains of the Powerwall and can provide backup during power cuts
  • 10 AC coupled Powerwalls can be connected to a single gateway
  • 10 year warranty
  • Powerwall 3 coming 2024 with increased output of 11.5kW & hybrid inverter for solar PV control


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