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Solar is the perfect way to generate clean energy, the technology is far more efficient and a fraction of the price it was 10 years ago. Combined with a battery storage system to store any excess energy generated and discharge when you need it, saves money and protects the environment. With the soaring cost of utilities, renewables are more affordable than ever.

There are a variety of products available and each system is uniquely designed for each homeowner based on how much energy they consume and when they are at home. Many clients now opt for a battery to supplement the system as it can store cheap energy from tariffs such as Octopus Go and discharge into the home at peak cost times. If a battery is installed at the same time as solar it is also VAT free!

The renewables industry is unfortunately tainted by many feed-in-tariff generation of companies 10 years ago installing sub-standard systems that were not fit for purpose. Many companies then closed, ending any aftercare or warranties promised. As a result the whole sector has been tightened with regulation and guidance focussed on protecting homeowners.

PWS are MCS registered, NAPIT approved and provide insurance backed warranties and deposit protection to guarantee you transparent information, service and aftercare. We are also members of the Renewables Energy Consumer Code that ensures we have quality managements systems and produce accurate quotations.

In Scotland the energy savings trust can support your installation with interest loans. As MCS contractors PWS are approved to install renewables by the savings trust. An interest free loan up to £12,000 - £6000 per technology for battery and solar PV - with the option to pay back over 12 years is available.

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