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PWS Electrical Services, are fully registered, trained and government approved installers of electric vehicle charging points. We are registered with both the home charge scheme (EVHS) and workplace charging scheme (WCS) to offer grant funding for domestic and commercial clients. EV is an exciting new technology that is gathering momentum as more people are converted by sleek vehicle design, high performance, high savings and environmental benefits.

We Offer the Best Range of Chargers to Suit Your Needs

  • MyEnergi Zappi allows clients to charge their cars from the sun, for free!
  • EO mini Pro is the worlds smallest charger, allowing discrete installs in a variety of colours
  • Andersen EV offer high end chargers with bespoke wood finishes in multiple colours
  • PodPoint UFO style chargers look sleek in grey and are only 360mm diameter
  • Workplace charging solutions with energy and financial management software and RFID fob access for users
  • Check our Electric Vehicle Chargers page for further information
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Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme (EVHS)

We can secure you a £350 government grant via the OLEV (office for low emission vehicles) scheme we are approved by. Further to that, we are one of only a small number of installers that are approved by the Scottish Energy Savings Trust to grant you a further £300 for your electric vehicle home charge point.

This is an exceptional offer of up to £650 toward your new home charging point. Grants are subject to terms & conditions and we provide a fantastic 3 year guarantee on all labour & materials. The OLEV grant was reduced in the 20/21 budget by the chancellor from £500 to £350 and in future the grant funding will be reduced further as electric vehicles become more mainstream.

Your new car doesn't need to be ready on your driveway to have a charger installed. Proof of an order form from a dealership and/or letter from your workplace if being used as a company car is enough to begin the process before delivery, ensuring you will be ready for charging when the car arrives. We make the process simple and arrange all the grant funding paperwork for the £350 OLEV grant. The only application our clients have to make is the online £300 energy savings trust grant that includes a simple form and submission of evidence of an order or ownership.

The Process

  1. Arrange a home visit to discuss and assess what charger suits your needs and measure up to provide a quote for the install
  2. A written quote is provided and if happy to proceed, paperwork must be completed including copies of evidence such as order form or V5 vehicle ownership documents
  3. The client then completes the energy savings trust grant application online, they usually reply within 3 weeks with a grant offer e-mail
  4. The e-mail with the grant offer is forwarded to PWS and we can then arrange a date for the install if all paperwork and evidence has been received
  5. The install is completed and payment is made for the quoted price minus £350 which PWS claim back from OLEV later
  6. PWS will then e-mail you a receipt of payment and an electrical installation certificate
  7. The client submits the receipt of payment and electrical certificate to the energy savings trust and the £300 is paid to the client within 3 weeks
  8. No ongoing maintenance is required for the charger and labour and materials are covered by a 3 year warranty

For more information on how we can help you, check out Government and Energy Savings Trust guidance at the following links:

£350 Grant - OLEV Customer Guidance
£300 Grant - Energy Savings Trust

Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

WCS is available to businesses, charity and public sector organisations. Many businesses are recognising the need to supply staff and customers with chargers at their workplace and retail sites, demonstrating a commitment to protecting the environment and promotes brand values. Statistics show that an employee would be 6 times more likely to own an electric vehicle if their workplace had charging facilities, combined with fantastic benefit in kind tax savings it will provide convenience and keep staff and clients happy.

The WCS scheme offers up to 40 sockets across one or multiple sites owned by the same client at £350 per socket, an impressive grant funding total of £14,000. The energy savings trust also typically offers up to 50% funding per 7kw socket after OLEV deductions, this is on a case by case basis and they need to be contacted prior to the install.

Bespoke solutions can include RFID key fob access for authorised users, digital screens with access pin codes and back office data management software for site owners to manage and monitor their EV charging infrastructure.

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The Process

  1. The WCS works on a voucher scheme, the client applies online completing a form - there is no need to have an EV in your current fleet to apply only a future need
  2. OLEV calculate what level of funding is suitable and a voucher is issued via e-mail and the install must be completed before it expires after 180 days
  3. PWS are contacted to arrange a site visit and quote based on level of funding available and clients budget
  4. The Client then submits the quote to the energy savings trust to identify the level of funding available to them explaining what OLEV have offered
  5. Written quote provided to client and copy of voucher sent to PWS
  6. Installation arranged and completed
  7. PWS submit a grant claim for the voucher amount on the WCS online portal
  8. Client receives an e-mail to confirm the costs
  9. The client pays the remaining balance of the invoice
  10. EST pays client any pre-agreed funding after submission of evidence

For more information on how we can help you, check out Government workplace charging guidance and frequently asked questions:

£14,000 Grant - Workplace Charging Guidance

PWS are a Government Approved Installer: EVHS1787

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