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Many people believe that grant funding has ended but the criteria has simply been tightened. There are still great opportunities for funding if your circumstances meet the criteria.

PWS are fully registered, trained and government approved installers of electric vehicle charging points. We are registered with both the OZEV home charge scheme (EVHS) and workplace charging scheme (WCS) to offer grant funding for domestic and commercial clients. In addition to OZEV grants the Scottish Energy Savings Trust (EST) offer additional grant funding if you fit the criteria.

EV is an exciting new technology that is gathering momentum as more people are converted by sleek vehicle design, high performance, high savings and environmental benefits.

We Offer the Best Range of Chargers to Suit Your Needs

  • MyEnergi Zappi allows clients to charge their cars from the sun, for free!
  • Want something the kids will love? Hypervolt has LED lights with party mode
  • Large projects? Easee workplace systems can daisy chain up to 101 units
  • Simpson & Partners EV offer high end design with bespoke wood finishes
  • Workplace charging solutions with energy and financial management software and RFID controlled fob access for users
  • Check our Electric Vehicle Chargers page for further information


We can secure you a £350 government grant via the OZEV (office for zero emission vehicles) scheme we are approved by. The Scottish Energy Savings Trust have withdrawn funding for the additional grant.

Grants are subject to terms & conditions and we provide a fantastic 3 year guarantee on all labour & materials. Your new car doesn’t need to be ready on your driveway to have a charger installed. Proof of an order form from a dealership and/or letter from your workplace if being used as a company car is enough to begin the process before delivery, ensuring you will be ready for charging when the car arrives. We make the process simple and guide you through the paperwork for the grant.

£350 OZEV Home Charging Grant – Eligibility Criteria:

  • Living in a flat with a dedicated parking space belonging to the property
  • Renting any kind of property with a dedicated off-street parking space belonging to the property
  • Self-employed persons with a business registered at their home address – can be sole trader or limited company
  • You are the landlord of a domestic rental property


  • Arrange a home visit to discuss and assess what charger suits your needs and we measure up to provide a quote for the install
  • A written quote is provided and if happy to proceed, paperwork must be completed including copies of evidence such as order form or V5 vehicle ownership documents
  • If eligible for The OZEV grant, the client completes the online OZEV form
  • The e-mail with grant approval is forwarded to PWS and we can then arrange a date for the install if all paperwork and evidence has been received
  • The install is completed and payment is made for the quoted price minus £350 that PWS claim back from OZEV on your behalf.
  • No ongoing maintenance is required for the charger and labour and materials are covered by a 3 year warranty

£350 Grant – OZEV Customer Guidance


The workplace charging scheme is available to businesses, charity and public sector organisations. Many businesses are recognising the need to supply staff and customers with chargers at their workplace and retail sites, demonstrating a commitment to protecting the environment and promoting brand values.

Statistics show that an employee would be 6 times more likely to own an electric vehicle if their workplace had charging facilities, combined with fantastic benefit in kind tax savings it will provide convenience and keep staff and clients happy.

The WCS scheme offers up to 40 sockets across one or multiple sites owned by the same client at £350 per socket, an impressive grant funding total of £14,000..

Bespoke solutions can include key fob access for authorised users and back office third party software for site owners to manage and monitor their EV charging infrastructure and finances. PWS provide full civil works and electrical package for a single point of contact and turn key solution to your EV charging project.


  1. The WCS works on a voucher scheme, the client applies online completing a form – there is no need to have an EV in your current fleet to apply only a future need
  2. OZEV calculate level of funding and a voucher is issued via e-mail and the install must be completed before it expires after 180 days
  3. PWS are contacted to arrange a site visit and quote based on level of funding available and clients budget
  4. When the quote is approved the client emails the OZEV voucher to PWS
  5. Installation arranged, completed and invoiced minus the OZEV grant amount
  6. PWS submit a grant claim for the voucher amount on the OZEV online portal on your behalf
  7. Client receives an e-mail to confirm the installation is complete
  8. The client confirms and PWS receives the OZEV voucher amount
    For more information on how we can help you, check out Government workplace charging guidance and frequently asked questions:

£14,000 Grant – Workplace Charging Guidance


Designed for landlords and property factoring companies managing multiple properties. There are 2 grants you can get for installing charge points for electric vehicles at a property you own:

  • an electric vehicle chargepoint grant (EV chargepoint grant)
  • an electric vehicle infrastructure grant (EV infrastructure grant)

You can use an infrastructure grant and a chargepoint grant on the same property detailed below.


Each financial year, you can get up to:

  • 200 grants for residential properties
  • 100 grants for commercial properties

These can be across several properties and installations or for one property.

EV chargepoint grants have replaced the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS). If you applied to the EVHS and you’re waiting for a decision, you do not need to apply for an EV chargepoint grant.


An EV infrastructure grant gives you money off the cost of wider building and installation work that’s needed to install multiple chargepoint sockets.

The work can be for sockets you want to install now and in the future. For example, an EV infrastructure grant can cover things like wiring and posts.

You can get up to £30,000 or 75% off the cost of the work. The amount depends on how many parking spaces the work covers. You can get up to 30 infrastructure grants each financial year. Each infrastructure grant must be used for a different property.


You can apply for the electric vehicle chargepoint (EV chargepoint) or infrastructure (EV infrastructure) grant if you’re a:

  • landlord with property to let
  • right to manage (RTM) company
  • residents’ management company (RMC)
  • company or person owning the freehold of a property
  • company owning a building’s common areas, including shareholders who are the leaseholders
  • property factor in Scotland
  • private registered provider of social housing (PRP)
  • public sector organisation – for example government departments, local councils, the armed forces or the NHS and emergency services
  • charity that manages or owns residential property

If you’re a company, charity or public sector organisation, you must be registered in the UK to apply.



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