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PWS are highly experienced in ensuring landlords comply with statutory guidance for renting domestic properties. In recent years we have completed over 400 electrical installation condition reports – known as an EICR – and fire alarm installs for letting agents and private landlords to ensure their properties are safe and functional for tenants.

We offer a landlords package including an electrical installation condition report, portable appliance testing and smoke/heat/CO alarms with fire alarm certificate as required. Electrical wiring and portable appliances in a domestic rental property must be checked every 5 years.


The current legislation states that these checks, must be conducted by appropriately skilled persons, and lists SELECT as one of the organisations whose members meet this requirement. Rest assured, we are a SELECT registered company employing approved, registered and accredited electricians.

We can do most jobs without disrupting your tenants and issue full certification upon completion. Delivering you peace of mind that you have complied with your obligations as a landlord, don’t risk the chance of prosecution, please call us on 07793 540885 to discuss your requirements.



From the 1st of March 2024 the Scottish Government Repairing Standard goes live. New guidance details increased compliance standards and landlords must provide a main board/fusebox with at least one RCD, as detailed in an extract from the policy below.

If you would like to confirm that your rental property complies please send images of your main board to

“Annex D3 – Installation for the supply of electricity”

D.54 A Residual Current Device (RCD) is a protective device that operates automatically, switching off the supply of electricity when a residual current is detected if there is a an earth fault. RCDs provide a high level of protection against the risk of electric shock and reduce the risk of fire arising from defects in electrical equipment. The presence of an RCD as part of an installation with wider shock protection aspects in good condition provides additional safety over and above that provided by fuses and circuit-breakers alone.

D.55 In order to comply with the Repairing Standard, there must be one or more Residual Current Device (RCD) with rated residual operating current not exceeding 30 mA in the main or principal consumer unit. Normally, as a minimum, this will cover the socket-outlet circuit. However, the protection requirements will vary depending on the installation in the let property. As set out in D.60 – D.73, in order to comply with the Repairing Standard, landlords should ensure that an EICR is completed every five years. The EICR assesses the installation against BS 7671. This British Standard includes the requirements for RCD protection. Therefore, landlords should refer to the EICR report for the appropriate RCD protection for their installation. The absence of an RCD means that the house does not comply with the Repairing Standard.



Landlords must have their properties electrical system and portable appliances tested every 5 years, and ensure the provision of interlinked smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms throughout their properties. Due to recent legislation, alarms can now be 10 year battery only with radio-link technology to wirelessly interlink. The gold standard is still a mains powered alarm with battery backup, however the new option for battery only alarms can save on any potential damage routing cables. This is all backed by a fire alarm system installation certificate for your compliance as a landlord. All domestic Scottish homes must be protected by the same system of fire alarms as rentals by February 2022.

Regulations mean that landlords must now ensure that they have smoke alarms fitted in the hall, lounge and a heat alarm in the kitchen and CO alarms fitted in every room there is a fuel burning appliance such as a gas boiler or fire. CO alarms do not need to be linked to the smoke and heat alarms. PWS Electrical Services, can guide you through exactly what you need to protect yourself and tenants.

As well as ensuring you comply with new landlords regulations, we also provide maintenance and emergency call out services to landlords throughout Glasgow.


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