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The roof size on this project limited how many panels we could install on the preferred South facing roof. We designed the system over 3 faces to maximise the amount of panels and capture all the suns energy as it moves around the house from East to West.

The DC coupled Solar Edge battery was setup to charge from excess solar generation not consumed by the house and fully charges over night from the low rate Octopus Go tariff. The homeowner has setup the battery to discharge the cheap energy into the house during the day!

Also integrated was a MyEnergi Zappi EV charger PWS installed previously. The Zappi is our recommended EV charger if you are planning on installing renewables. The app works seamlessly and can charge purely on solar energy if generating 1.4kW or more.

Included in every on-roof system we offer is bird deterrent. The black galvanised mesh is installed around the entire array to avoid birds nesting below and damaging cables. If it was to be installed later there would be excessive costs to hire another scaffold.

Below is a screenshot of the Solar Edge app with the house completely off-grid being powered by solar energy at 10:57 on January 2nd. The excess solar generation is also being diverted to top up the battery. We can’t wait to see how it performs in Summer!

System Specification:
The solar PV array is installed on the rear annex. The array is split across 3 roof faces with 5 panels on the South, 4 panels on the West and 4 panels on the East. This is estimated to generate an annual yield of 3944kWh based on modelling of the array and roof pitch of 25 degrees. The array is wired in one single string with optimisers below each panel. The system has 13 x 415W Trina Vertex Panels S+ panels that total 5.395 kilowatt peak performance. The inverter is Solar Edge and rated at 5kW.

The solar panels are secured by an all black Fastensol on roof system. The panels are a mono-crystalline type with a standard test condition efficiency of 21.4%. The PV panels are complete with MC4 type connections via 6mm2 single core double insulated DC rated cable.

One Solar Edge DC coupled battery has been installed in the inverter cupboard. The battery has a capacity of 10.3kW with 9.7kW depth of discharge and a peak round trip efficiency of >94.5%. The battery can charge and discharge at a maximum rate of 5kW.