An in-roof system has a discreet appearance and is a great solution for new builds, during roof replacements or when adding an extension. It saves on the area of tiles not required and removes the requirement to install bird protection as the panels finish at the same level at the tiles.

We installed the market leading Solar Edge system with optimisers for each panel to ensure maximum efficiency. Optimisers ensure the whole array doesn’t suffer from affects of one panel shaded or soiled as they work individually. Optimisers ensure greater energy production, enhanced safety, and constant information from each panel on the app.

System Specification:

The solar PV array is installed on the rear single story annex roof. The array is split across 2 roof faces with 6 panels on the South East side and 6 panels on the North West side. This is estimated to generate an annual yield of 3038kWh based on modelling of the array and roof pitch of 29 degrees.

The array is wired in one single string with a DC junction box and optimisers installed in the loft space above the annex for future maintenance. The system has 12 x 340W Eurener panels that total 4.080 kilowatt peak performance.

The solar panels are secured using a GSE integrated system. The panels are a mono-crystalline type with a standard test condition efficiency of 20.2%. The PV panels are complete with MC4 type connections via 4mm2 single core double insulated DC rated cable.

The inverter is Solar Edge and rated at 3.68kW.